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Over and Out

 I have decided to end this Livejournal page and begin another one. There are people who read this and I would prefer they didn't. My friends, of course, are allowed to see my new journal. Please email me for the new link! Thanks for a wonderful run guys :)

Over and out.

No more R&R

 This semester is going to be busy as hell: 

winter class- Biogeochemical Methods
spring class- Bioinformatics
Applying for summer courses
Arctic microFISH experiments
Antarctic dry valley soils experiments
Forming a thesis committee
Mentor wants first draft of proposal by July- oh man.

Let the work begin!

Happy Surviving First Week of 2010!

 One week into the new year and I feel grateful! I am ONE LUCKY DUCKY.

<3 + peace !

Christmas break Synopsis!

Gosh, I have been so busy since I got back to Colorado that I have barely had time to post! I got back Sunday night (late, since my flight was delayed due to the East Coast snow storm). Monday I got to see Genny and have a lovely cup of hot Colorado herbal tea.
By the way, I LOVE Colorado men, rawwrrr. How can there be this many gorgeous guys in one state?? It's got to be illegal. Whatever though :P I don't mind it when they look at me and grin / strike up conversations. At least the attractions are mutual.

Monday evening my wonderful parents took us out to eat at Olive Garden to celebrate their 29th anniversary! Tuesday I got to see Josh and Lauren for a quick hot tea (BTW, I LOVE Colorado teas, hehe). They were leaving for Arkansas for Christmas and I wanted to give them the lovely lavender gifts I had bought them. Tuesday afternoon I drove to Denver to visit my old lab: Bob, Teneke, Karen and Jieru. They were all so happy to see me! It was wonderful to see them again, too. In the evening my Cap Hill buddy, Corey, and I went to our usual downtown Denver hangout and had our usual food :D It was fun to catch up with them all.

Wednesday it snowed pretty wild and same with Thursday. I didn't get to do much except sit around but it was a nice break from socialness and I was able to hang out with my darling brother. Friday was Christmas and I got a DIGITAL CAMERA!! YAY, thanks mommy and daddy. What a great gift since I am taking pictures of Delaware and my East Coast adventures with borrowed cameras. I got TONS of other stuff too, my sister made me an apron which I need since I cook so much. Also my brother got me two books, Huzzah for more Asimov! Christmas dinner we made a huge meal from scratch and everyone in the family made one dish. We had some Indian friends over and played some games.

Saturday I saw Avatar in 3D with my little brother. What an awesome/visually appealing movie! James Cameron always outdoes himself with great new technology that could be used to colonize/terraform other worlds. People are complaining that the story was like Disney’s Pocahontas or Ferngully. So what? How many original stories ARE there really? Just enjoy the friggin movie you ingrateful whinny bastards.
Saturday evening I had more tea at the Dushanbe Teahouse with Brian. It’s been two years since I saw him last! Crazy! But I am glad we got to catch up anyway.

Sunday was even busier than any of the other days. I went to lunch with Teneke at Cinzetti’s, which I highly recommend- delicious buffet style Italian food. After that I went to tea with my old high school teacher, Bob, and his son, Joe, and my sister. Yes, odd combination, but my sis, Joe and I all went to Fairview HS and Bob teaches there. It was good to meet Joe as well. Then Sunday evening I saw my friend Ashley for a hot … tea :D She has also just completed her first semester of PhD on the East Coast so we feel many similarities in situation. Especially since we both moved East from downtown Denver and miss it sooo much!

Monday it was time to pack and leave. I squeezed in one more tea with my bro and sis and my flight took off around 4pm.

Of course I didn’t get to see jrronimo  who is the ONLY person that wasn’t around during Christmas break (shame on you jrr). But otherwise it was a wonderful break filled with family and friends, tea and snow!


Yesterday I went to Washington, D.C. with friends and we had a lot of fun despite the cold. We drove up to the outskirts of the town and took the metro into the city (oooooh a REAL metro, teehee). Being from small cities mostly, even the metro was a fun adventure for me :D Oh the sights you see!

Then we walked along the center of the capitol to the mall area where all the monuments are. Since it was Thursday, it was cool to see all the business people running hither thither getting their coffees and rushing to the office in trench coats and brief cases. We walked past the Department of the Treasury to the Washington Monument and then on to the Smithsonian Museums. I couldn't believe that there are several museums in a row like that and they are ALL free! It reminded me of Rome! Museums all in a row (cept they cost a bit). And these museums have such amazing stuff in them. We went to the National Air and Space museum and got to see the old spacecrafts like the Apollo 4 and others. We learned about satellites and rockets- they have them on display inside. I also bought my brother a little gift. I hope it works ...

That museum was great. We spent a few hours there and then walked down to the museum of Natural History. Sadly we only saw about 30 minutes worth, totally not enough since that place is beautiful and massive! But the Ocean Hall was basically everything I had learned in my marine biology class haha. It was too fun. Also the specimens are very well preserved and kept and ... just ... breathtaking. Everybody do science, science is awesome!

After this we walked to the Christmas tree in front of the White House. It is a lovely set up with lights and lots of little trees (one for each state), and a little model town and toy trains running through it and around the big tree. Totally fun! I got some great pictures which I shall post on my Facebook, go check them out!

I picked up a couple of small souvenirs as gifts for my friends back home (convenient for the holidays) and we ate dinner then headed back home on the metro. Metros can be dangerous things by the way. I love the wind that comes wooshing through the tunnel before the train shows up. Physics in action! Yes, air is made out of particles and this is proof as it is being pushed by the train. Brilliant :)

My flight to Colorado is on Sunday. I really hope everything goes well because it's supposed to snow here and hopefully there won't be any delays or any suck nonsense. I want to see my family! Happy ChristmaHaunaKwanza everybody!

The good things

It's odd the ups and downs of life.
I don't know why I feel so tired. Might be because I haven't had a vacation in 5 months. Seems like everyone is getting on my nerves lately. I am trying to focus on the positive things so here I am making a list of the good stuff:

Good things:
- Vacation starts in 4 days!!!!!
- On Thursday I am going to DC with friends!
- I had a great meal with Mike's family yesterday
- I am getting a new free phone today (or tomorrow)
- Classes are over
- I am moving to a better house at the end of the month
- My experiment is going relatively well
- I got the fourth book in the Foundation series by Asimov and already it's a great book.


Bad things:
- well, this new bra is a little tight. Fits like a glove though
- I am tired-ish

Definitely the good things outweigh the bad things right now and the difference between them is statistically significant. It's funny how the mind sometimes focuses on the bad things. Anyway, I had better get back to work. Can't wait to hang out again Colorado buddies!

Fuck, I am tired

I am about sick of studying and stupid classes and stupid students and an increasingly neglectful boyfriend. I miss Colorado, I need a vacation and I want to go home. My frustration stems from days of not sleeping well, mostly likely an increase in hormones, stress from the crunch at the end of the semester, stress because my advisor is leaving me in a month, stress from not seeing my family for six months and a general sense of exhaustion.


I am most thankful for my family & friends, my cat, being able to do what I love in life, loving what I do ... and recovering quickly from anything that sucks :P

May your day be filled with fat turkeys and other delicious arrangements!

Seafaring be damned!

Humph, so there is one thing I can't do well and that is be a sailor. I get motion sickness at the drop of a hat... or turn of the screw, or rock of the boat, bump of the car of whatever else colorful phrase you want to insert therein.

I went out on the research vessel today to collect samples, even took Bonine (though apparently not early enough) and ended up not doing ANYTHING but puking over the side, puking in the bathroom, and laying on the bunk trying not to puke. However, even a fellow student who went with me and NEVER gets sick, actually felt sea sick. The weather was rough, overcast, windy, and rainy, and the waters were swollen with 6-9 foot waves. For a relatively little research vessel, this is not equal to smooth sailing.

However, I got off the vessel, went home, showered all hot, rested, ate, and returned to school feeling better. I'm still not 100% (several hrs later)- the world keeps moving and my stomach is rather uneasy, but all will be well tomorrow I hope.

As I have said before, only two people in my lab don't get sea sick. The remaining 6 do, so I don't feel too bad. My mentor assured me it happens and it's ok. What a wonderful guy :) In fact everyone was very sympathetic and supportive and Vanessa not only collected the samples, but made sure I got water and crackers and rest while on the boat. I am grateful to have had her support.

I seriously need to find some stronger medication though. I've gotten several suggestions so I will test those out. I want to say "seafaring be damned!" while waving my arms maniacally, but somehow marine research is still way too cool to stop doing. Especially the prospect of sampling in Antarctica. I will be turning in my second grant tomorrow :) W00t. Both my undergrad mentor and old boss said their recommendations were so strong, they wouldn't be surprised if I got both the grants! That is rather thrilling :) But I know both the grants are extremely competitive... We shall see. I am optimistic :)

Alrighty, time for some more R&R and maybe anime!

Online "Social" Networking

A merciless beast approaches!
Through the progress of the ages
Slowly but surely it conquers
Giving us all messaging rages.

It’s irresistible appeal
The beast has me all a fright!
And I succumb post by post
To insatiable backlit might.

Making masters into slaves!
But I learned a trick
When the beast, it hungers
I press “log off” right quick!